Thursday, February 2, 2012


Got the bike working yesterday simply by readjusting the base plate for the breaker points and, by doing so, adjusted the timing for the sparks on the cylinders. Took it out around the bog:

I took a couple falls, but hey, we're working with sand and dirt here! Here's me trying to get it started again after a spill:

Damn sexy! Heading back over there tomorrow to get some more practice. I figure learning on sand will make roads all the easier. Next stop, a small neighborhood to practice in!


Khusrow said...

I gathered some info to help you with your other stuff but...Yippee!

Good show, old man.

Also, if you are still troubled by inconsistant blinker activity try removing the automatic turn signal de-activatatron.

I'm proud of you. Success is a great feeling!


Atticus said...

Actually, we got the blinker working a few weeks ago. Ended up heading to the nearest motorcycle parts store, buying the cheapest turn signal relay they had, and set the whole thing up. It had an extra prong that we ended up having to connect to the frame to get it working.