Sunday, April 8, 2012

RV90: The Dilema

I know my 1 faithful follower has been dying to know the status of my Buddy's VanVan so I will provide an update.

So a few weeks ago we set back to work on the machine.  We had already reset the points (which were way off) and had provided a spark, which was the initial problem with the machine, no spark.  We also took out the carb.

After soaking the carb in Pinesol for a few days we rebuilt it.  We have since found out that we didn't clean the fuel inlet line and no gas is getting to the float bowl, and the float bowl is leaking so we removed the carb again.

Though we weren't getting fuel, we still could not get any kind of pop or crackle when we used starting ether.  It would just pump it right out of the exhaust pipe.  Very frustrating.  We did find that the spark plug had some grimy mud on the end.  I had seen this once before on the old plug and thought that it was a minor issue.  Now there is more mud on said incendiary device.

A little history of the VanVan:
It was once fully submerged.

So to inspect the source of this mud we took the head off of our stubborn little 2 stroke ad there was a bit of this brown muck on the piston head and cylinder.  We did wipe off a significant coating of the brown combustion retardant and tried to kick her over again, hoping it was a localized problem.  Apparently 2 stroke motors can mump mud into the cylinder as efficiently as gas-air mix.  So we decided it was time for a closer look.

Last week my buddy and I removed the motor from the VanVan, which only took about 45 minutes. We will now take the head and Cylinder off and see if the mud is going to require the case to be split, which I am now 90% confident that this will be the required answer.


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