Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Age old Story of a Girl and her scooter

So I have a tendency to obsess.  I, like Mr. Toad of Wind in the Willows fame, become bent on certain manias.  He and I would probably get on quite well. I have been quite caught up with my search for a motorcycle here and although I am very exited about my new bike, I am a little sad that it will, hopefully, run reliably and not need much work.

I was happy with this compromise, as happy as anyone is with a compromise, when I sent my darling wife to the store with my adorable daughter to pick up some ice cream for a few guests who were coming over for the evening.  When they came home I was regaled with the story of how a neighbor was also frequenting the selfsame establishment and offered my dear girls a lift on her self propelled motor scooter.  Now my wife has always been a Mod and not a Rocker so it was no surprise to me that she enjoyed the experience.  What surprised me was how much she enjoyed it.  Particularly the smoothness of the CV transmission.  So, canny fellow that I am, see a splendid opportunity here.  I can have a motorcycle like I always dreamed of, and I can also have a wrenching project that with the proper application of spanners and know how will produce for my wife a scooter for her grocery trips and short jogs in the neighborhood.  Not only will I get to dirty my hands and possibly do some Rusty Sprocket customization but my wife and I will both have wheels, as long as it is not the monsoon season.  Hopefully you will see in coming posts the journey that an unknowingly fortunate scooter will take from scrap to Mod splendor.  

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