Thursday, December 20, 2012

From Brimming Optimism to Crushing Defeat and Back Again: A Hanger's Tale

For a good month I was positively effervescent  that I had found a source for Nylon.  Last week I was told that this new source (A sleeping bag manufacturer) was unable to provide nylon that was not in sleeping bag form, and so I sailed into the doldrums and watched as the sails deflated.  So I began searching online anew. And in confirmation of my earlier searches unless I tried to battle through phone conversations that lacked any real sense of continuity or mutual understanding I was again without any hope of finding the treasure that I sought.

Up until last night I was out of ideas besides wandering through the old city hoping to stumble upon the rare and exotic fabric called Nylon.  Unfortunately wandering through the press of humanity called the old city is pretty close to my fear of heights, which is unfortunately a quite powerful demotivater.  The eve last, however, my fortune turned and I met a interior design teacher at a local design school who happens to know fashion design teachers at said school.  Oodalalie!  So hopefully one of these mascots of the fashion world will be able to appease my requirement for rip-stop nylon and the plethora of camping equipment that its abundance will produce.

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