Sunday, December 8, 2013

A 50 Post Fence

I sincerely apologize to my loyal fan base for the recent lack of digital output on my part.  I am sure both of you are terribly disappointed.  The primary purpose of this blog has moved significantly further from creating items of literary merit than originally intended and instead I have focused on cathartic writing, really just working things out for myself.  I believe I am one of a large population for whom there is a much greater need to talk things out, if you will, over negative events and circumstances than positive ones.  The end result is that I have instilled in some the idea that most of my time in the last year has been spent in a spiritually and emotionally desolate place.  As true as that may or may not be, since the last few months have been quite wonderful I have had horribly little to write about.

The other source of hesitation on my part was due to the fact that this would be Polymathophilia's 50 post and that felt eerily similar to a substantial milestone and I did not want to squander it.  Unfortunately here I am, squandering away.

Half of Polymathophilia's general readership begged the question, "what has become of Stephen Pottersworth?".  And as a full quorum of the readership has presented the question, they deserve an answer.


For those of you who are interested in my more Makeresque pursuits I am about 50% completed with the shell for my glorious swag construct.  Unfortunately about a month ago the tensioning screw on the bobbin case was forever lost, hence rendering my magnificent sewing machine's tensioning capabilities moribund.  This tragedy bound together with my near paralysis to venture into unknown parts of the city to attempt to find what I am looking for has lead to an hiatus of sorts in the production capacity of myself.  "Bobbin case tensioning screw hai?"

Positive news is that after my marathon debacle a few months ago I have the initial steps towards physical health.  A few guys and I have been meeting biweekly to spend time running, exerting ourselves, and encouraging each other towards godly masculinity and prayer.   The near term benefit is that I am nearing tantalizingly close to physical and spiritual health.  Not only do I have a means for health but now a motive as a company of men has invited me to a HimALayan expedition in June.  Of course this does mean that I will have to go through process of acquiring lightweight and warm gear that will  enable me to be safe and comfortable on said expedition.  I am hoping to make or procure a silnylon tarp shelter and a lightweight quilt.

I have some options for an inexpensive pyramid structure tarp tent which I might silicone myself but I will see what is available to find in the nylon and insulation departments.  The fortunate side is that with the trip in June I will be in the US in May, providing the opportunity to purchase gear that I cannot manufacture in the intervening months.

Hopefully I will again be writing more regularly as a friend is working on a book and I have some free time now that I have concluded my entire re-read of the Wheel of Time Series, which did occupy most, if not all, of my free time over the past few months.

I leave you with El Borracho.  Which is not only one of the best sounding Spanish words I've ever heard but also has a wonderful little man to litter your dreams associated with it

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