Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The dirt tasted like gritty, dusty pennies.  Kiran did not generally eat dirt as a rule but it was hard to avoid the taste when you get your face ground into it with a dirty boot.  He couldn't tell if the metallic penny flavour came from the iron-rich martian dust which covered everything here or if it was the blood streaming from the various places in his mouth and nose that had been unceremoniously bashed.

It's hard to say how Kiran got into this situation, or if he got into it at all.  All he really know, and all that we know, is that his face was being roughly ground into the rough martian gravel and that there was a long list of experiences which Kiran enjoyed more than this one.


Scipio Africanus said...

Interesting start!

Magnetic Bran Flakes said...

Oh man, this is great. I immediately want to know what happens next.

Khusrow said...

I wish I knew!