Monday, July 1, 2013

The King is Dead...Long Live the King

Originally this blog was going to be a forum for a communal conversation amongst the Contributors and our beloved readers.  Both of you who have been reading the blog will know that this never really materialized.  The other Contributors have also moved on to another enterprise and though I wish them well I hope they will continue to make contributions to Polymathophelia.

That being said after a period of deflated sails from such news I have rowed myself out of the doldrums and will hopefully continue posting.  I really do enjoy contributing to the aether and am gradually overcoming my fear of failure to post more content.  The next installment of The Extraordinary Life of Stephen Pottersworth is currently being worked on as well as more exiting posts of DIY anti-climax and self-focused musings.  Thank you dear readers, I hope both of you are doing well and am optimistic that you will continue to read even though there is even less chance of you reading something actually interesting from our other contributors.

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