Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure: Part 4

You start marching northward...

'Yes, this is the way,' you think as you trudge through the sand. An Episode of 'Man vs. Wild' pops into your head, which is weird because you have never heard of that show. Nevertheless, in an effort to quench your thirst you drop down and start digging. Yes, you've got to go... dig those holes. With broken hands and withered souls, emancipated from all you know, you've got to go... dig those holes.

Time passes. After a few holes, lots of sweat, and a few bathroom breaks, you finally hit some water! This water is more sandy than you'd like, but you decide to drink it anyway.

While you were digging, *a rattlesnake* arrived from the west.

You are no longer thirsty.

*A rattlesnake* stands here, looking angry.

Exits: East, West, North, South



Scipio Africanus said...

Make the rattle snake into shoes.

Khusrow said...

Good one Scipio! Your time in Africa served you well.

Scipio Africanus said...

Rattlesnakes delende est