Thursday, June 5, 2014

Here to There part 4

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They didn't stand around long before the welcoming party came.  No doubt the Technician had run to report in after his run in with them.  The squad had setup patrols and word that someone was coming came a healthy five minutes before the corporate buggy had come chugging along out of the darkness.

The Sergeant stood flanked by Private First Class Sheng, known as "Lunk", and Corporal Straugh.  The three of them held their hands up to block the light from the buggy's lamps as it creaked to a stop.  The hatch opened and a lean ragged man unfurled from within.  He straightened his Corporate Security uniform.  Anna recognized the insignia of Chief on his shoulder as he approached.  She noted the two armed men who got out next and took up covering positions as well.  She tried not to tense as the Chief stopped short of offering his hand in greeting.  He took a hard look at the three of them before settling into his pose and clasping his hands behind his back.

"So, you are all the help the Department of Armed Forces sent to us?"  He shook his head slowly.  "I don't know whether to be disappointed or offended," were the venom laced words he followed up with.  "I'll have you know my men have this situation well in hand.  We don't need any outside interference."  He drew himself up to his full height again.  "You will surrender your weapons, and we will escort you to a safe location until you can be sent back."

Anna stared at him a moment to make sure he was finished speaking before she gave her reply, "No."  The blaster rifles the two men accompanying the Chief hit the ground near Anna feet then.  Shortly their owners walked into the lights of the buggy with their hands in the air.  Private Jacobs and Timball emerged from the darkness with rifles up and ready in case anyone made any sudden moves.  Timball called out, "These were the only two, sir."

Anna turned her attention back to the Chief.  She motioned to Straugh and he moved and relieved the Chief of his sidearm as well.  "You should be grateful," Anna said to him just before Lunk dropped him with his rifle butt.

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