Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here to There part 3

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It was night when Sergeant Anna Kandrini stepped outside onto the alien world.  Fat furry insects buzzed at the lights near the door.  One buzzed by her face, and she swatted it aside.  It hit the ground with a satisfying thump.   The rest of the squad were milling about the front steps of the Transmission Station.  Jacobs was pacing off by himself, taking long drags on a hand rolled cigarette.  Timball was talking to a still sickly looking Waters.  The Sergeant glanced at the alien sky with it's billions of stars spreading from horizon to horizon and then back at the squad with a snort of derision.  Seen one sky, then you've seen them all she figured.

"Listen up," she called out and waited for the conversations to die down and attention to focus on her.  "If that little worm in there is still alive, then this isn't a death world. With that said I still want standard precautions taken when interacting with local foods.  Private Timball, please continue to monitor everyone's health while we are on planet."

Private Jacobs finished his smoke and tossed it against a wall where it exploded in a shower of glowing tobacco.   Sergeant Kandrini ignored him, and pressed on, "Now, it sounds like there are some rebels lurking out in the forests, or hills, or whatever landscapes this miserable rock has.  If they're still alive out there, then someone is helping them."  She peered past them into the shadows, suddenly cautious.  "Everyone is armed at all times.  I don't want any screw-ups, do you hear?  We need to minimize Corporate losses on this mission."  

"Yes sir!" came the responses.  Some of them immediately began checking their sidearms.  While that was going on the Sergeant looked around the street impatiently.  In the dim light she could make out that the roads were packed earth, not concrete.  The buildings were largely prefabs imported from off-world.  Some showed a bit of battle damage she noticed as well.  The fighting must have centered around this Transmission station.

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