Monday, June 16, 2014

Something Something Heros part 3

There was a terrifying rumble in the deeps that shook the bones and rattled teeth.  "Sorry about that," said Nealoo the priest of Alilili as she placed both hands over her stomach.  "I should have eaten that pie after all I guess."

The trio of Adventurers stood at a fork in the passage.  Noone picked it up.  "Great.  These jokes are going to kill us before the monsters can," muttered Rylie.  "Listen, Thobis. You're the leader of this group I guess.  Which way should we go here."  He gestured to the three passages that split in different directions.  Each as different in appearance as it was in smell and other important passage identifying characteristics.

Thobis stood in the middle of the three exits and stroked his beard while considering his options.  "Hmmm," he purred sagely.  "I like this brightly lit one.  It seems to be well-travelled.  Probably the safest."  He puffed up his chest and crossed his arms over his too large belly.  "How's that for leadership!"

"Yeah, sure," Rylie grimaced.  "That's clearly not a trap or a path to certain death."

Nealoo the priest of Alilili giggled, "Come on Thobis, at least put a little effort into this.  I thought wizards were supposed to be smart or something."

Thobis grumbled and kicked at an imaginary rock.  "C'mon guys!  Cut me slack here.  It has to be the best.  Here I'll prove it."  He picked up a bit of loose gravel and threw it down the large well lit passage.  It bounced and skipped on the well worn stones; the sound of it's journey echoing in as they all held their breath in anticipation.  For a brief moment after the stone came to a stop the silence became overwhelming as the trio stared at the passage.  Thobis pointed at it, and BOOM!  A stone as big as the passage itself fell from the ceiling onto the tiny stone.  For a moment all vision was lost as a dust cloud billowed out in it's wake.  "Yikes," managed Thobis in a whisper.

"So...door number two?" said Rylie with a clap of his hands?

Thobis snapped out of it and shook the dust out of his beard, "Right! Right. The one I meant to pick is this one here on the left."  He moved to stand in front of the smallest of the passages.  It was barely big enough for a Grue to move through, and full of spiderwebs.  A flickering cold blue light could be seen in the depths.  "Huh, huh?" Thobis moitioned at the cramped, dirty, and eerie tunnel seeking approval.

"Alilili says no to spiders, and dying in dirty hobbit holes," said Nealoo priest of Alilili as she crossed her arms and shook her head with fervent enthusiasm.  "No way!" she added.

With a quick glance at Rylie, who was already walking to the third passage, Thobis sighed, "Well, that settles that."  He pulled himself to his full height and pointed with dramatic intensity at the remaining tunnel, "We go that way!"

Rylie moved to the last tunnel, and peered into it's deep, dark, depths.  The brackish scent of salt water wafted up on the gentle breeze caressing their faces,  "I don't suppose either of you brought any torches?"

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