Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure: Part 7

Days go by, but you remain vigilant; always gazing at the horizon, and always wondering: "Is that a town to the north?"

The third night comes, and you again see the lights to the north. Sounds, too, find their way past your head. Friendly voices, faint chatter, all welcoming sounds. If only there was a way to travel across the land. Alas, one only can dream.

Your legs are weak, and you haven't eaten in days. The snake meat that you didn't cure is stankin' up the joint. Severely dehydrated, and miraculously staving off rattlesnake venom, you finally collapse on the cold, desert floor. It feels like one of those dreams where you are walking around, but then are suddenly paralyzed. The world goes on, but I'm afraid you have to step off.

You try to breathe, but there is a heavy sensation that is soaking up the remaining drops of life with each exhale. C'est la vie, eh?

You are dead! R.I.P

You may:
<Respawn in this universe>
<Remain dead>

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Scipio Africanus said...

Respawn in another Universe