Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Book of the Danged, Part I

The full moon rose above the bare trees. The air prickled, not just with the chill, but with an unseen presence. In a small clearing, a fire raged, consuming a small cabin's worth of logs. Figures in maroon robes stood around the fire, solemnly chanting.

It was all very cliche.

Among the figures, one wearing a gold and blue sash over his robes help up his hands. "Brethren, lend me your ears in this time of portent. Have we the sacrifice to Lord Baal's unholy yorkshire terrier ready?"

A voice from the crowd answered, "Yes, my master."

"Bring it forward."

Another robed figure, carrying a large pink rubber bone, stepped forward. He laid the bone upon an alter, and retreated back to the circle.

The sashed figure called out, "Oh Lord Baal, please accept this solemn offering for your beloved yorkshire terrier! Please let Princess be pleased with this gift!"

The crowd chanted, "All hail Princess!" They then began to disperse.

Three of the figures broke off of the circle, walking away from the fire side by side.

"Damn good ceremony tonight." one said.

"Indeed, brother." another said. "I'd like to see those idiots that worship Astaroth's cat top this!"

The third stayed quiet. Insofar as could be told in the dark, he looked ill at ease.

The first looked over at his worried companion and asked "Is everything alright, brother? You seem upset about something."

The third one said "Um, well, I was wondering why we worship Baal's dog and not Baal."

The other two men looked at each other. The first one said "Well, um, the thing is..."

The second one cut in "We are not worthy to even worship the great Baal. We, uh, are only worthy to worship, um,"

The first one said "That's, uh, right. We cannot even fathom Baal's power. But, uh, his dog will come back one day, and, uh, chase the unbelieving scum, like, uh, rats. As it were."

The second one said "Yeah, like rats."

The third appeared thoughtful for a bit. Eventually, he said "So what the townfolk were saying, about us not having the cajones to worship a demon, that isn't true?"

The first started a bit and sputtered, "N-no, that's, uh, totally not true. At all."

The second said, who was a bit quicker on the uptake, said "Yeah, you noob. Don't be ridiculous. We are totally hardcore."

The third said "I mean, it seems like kind of a...girly dog, after all. I thought Baal was a fifty foot tall giant man-demon made of fire."

The second one shouted "Ah ha! So you're a heretic!"

The third cried "No no! I was just kidding!"

The second said "Well, watch what you say. Or we will sacrifice you to Princess."

The third said "I will, brother."

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