Friday, June 6, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure: Part 5

Well, this is it, my friend. This is what separates the bok from the choy. One round-house kick to the face is all you need to land on this leathery mama.

HP:Fine> You engage to fight...

*A rattlesnake* hits your left leg hard and tickles it.
You feel intense pain as the venom enters your body


You round-house kick *a rattlesnake's* head hard and shatter it.

You hear *a rattlesnake's* death cry as it collapses.
*A rattlesnake* is dead, R.I.P

HP:Hurt> but corpse
You kneel down, and start butchering the corpse of *a rattlesnake*


You produce 1 rattlesnake meat (raw)
You produce 1 pair of rattlesnake shoes

Life drains away as the venom courses through your veins.


The last rays of sun disappear below the horizon, and the darkness of night envelopes your surroundings.

Exits: East, West, North, South



Khusrow said...

Scipio, what have you done!?

Scipio Africanus said...

Momma needed a new pair of shoes!

Scipio Africanus said...

Put on shoes