Sunday, June 22, 2014

Something Something Heros part 4

Nealoo the priest of Alilili glared at them, "This is all your fault.  Alilili says so too."  She crossed her arm and turned her back with an aggressive huff.  "Let me know when it's working again and maybe I'll forgive you.  Alilili might take some convincing though."  She began tapping her foot, and busying herself with not looking at them.

 Rylie bared his teeth at her back and flexed the fingers on outstretched hands in total frustration, "My fault! Mine. Me. You're blaming this on me?  Seriously?"  He growled and stomped his foot as he stood in disbelief.  "The wizard did it, for Alilili's sake.  Just ask him. Thobis, tell her."  

 Rylie spun to look at Thobis as the wizard conjured a ball of light with a snap of his fingers.  Thobis chuckled, "Don't look at me thief.  You're the one who failed to spot the trap on the door."  He bent down and examined the ruined remains of the lock on the giant double doors.  

 Rylie shouted at him, "Are you kidding me?  The trap was a magic ward that was only triggered when you insisted we didn't need to pick the lock."  He simmered in impotent rage, "You told me you could just burn it off."  Rylie began speaking in a lisping, irritating voice that sounded nothing like Thobis, "Oh don't worry guys, I got just the thing!"  Rylie spun in a wild circle and crossed his eyes while pantomiming furiously, "I'm a dumb wizard and I can do anything with my amazing magic!"  Rylie stopped and pointed at Thobis who was now grinding his teeth and turning an interesting shade of red, "Yeah, anything, like melt the damn lock and trap us down here."

 Thobis erupted with pent up excuses, "I don't sound like that, you obnoxious little runt.  I didn't lead you all the way down here to be insulted because you couldn't do your job."  He turned on Nealoo the priest of Alilili, "Hey doesn't your Goddess have some power to get us out of here?  I'm starting to doubt she does anything at all!"  

 Wrong thing to say.

 Nealoo priest of Alilili whirled on Thobis in that instant like a cornered badger.  She seemed to grow taller as she advanced on him, while the air around her grew measurably colder.  Her eyes began to glow with unearthly fire, and a guttural growl escaped her throat.  "What. Did.  You.  Say.  Wizard," the words poured out of the white robed priestess, but they were not the voice of the person they knew as Nealoo priest of Alilili.  

 Thobis would have passed through the solid granite cavern wall at the moment if could have.  He stammered something unintelligible.

"Stand aside you useless worm, and let a true magic user show you how things get done," spoke the voice of Not-Nealoo.  She brushed Thobis aside with a casual shrug.  He landed in a heap ten feet away.  Rylie was nowhere to be seen.  She raised her hands into the air and with a shout, glowing bands of power rushed into the massive doors.  With an ear splitting explosion the doors were gone. Bits of them flew down the corridor in every direction.  "You shall not pass, my holy behind," came the voice of Not-Nealoo one final time. Then if was over, and She collapsed in a heap by the door.

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