Monday, June 2, 2014

Here to There part 2

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Sergeant Anna Kandrini towered over the Technician.  Her stare would not be denied.  He visibly shrank back from it like a wounded animal.  "Listen to me," she began.  "Your planet's colonial government sent for help from the military.  Well we're it.  I don't think a little bit of human decency is too much to ask, you balding little shit."  With each word she stalked forward, and he shrank back.

"Please," he spewed from behind the clipboard he held up between himself and the large aggressive soldier in a feeble attempt at self defense.  "You have to understand.  It took six months for our message to reach you and another six for you to actually get here. The situation has changed."  He gulped nervously, as the Sergeant slowed her advance and glared at him with a heavy frown.  "And, besides," he quickly added.  "This is just corporate policy I'm enforcing here."

"You have got to be kidding me," Anna snarled at him.  "Corporate policy!  It's the damn Corporation's assets we're here to protect from whatever tentacled slime monsters this back woods star has crawling all over it."  She shook her head and gestured emphatically, "What is it this time?  No, no.  Let me guess.  Three meter tall flying lizards that spit acid?  We made boots out of those on Riga V. No?  Giant spiders with fricken laser beams coming out of their eyes that swarm over the country side like ants?  We'll find the queen and have breakfast with her eggs."  She laughed and leaned forward, while bending down to eye level with the Technician.  "But, if you're telling me we traveled to this damn pebble in the night sky and their's nothing to kill..." she trailed off while taking a step back and setting her jaw.

"I didn't say that!" The Technician was sweating now.  "Just the rebels retreated into the wilds, months ago."  He ran his hand through his thinning hair and cast about for a way out of this.  Anna blinked at him. "Rebels?  In the wilds?  Great, now I wish it was a bug hunt," she exclaimed while throwing her hands in the air.  With a sigh her shoulders drooped and she spun on her heel and marched out of the Transmission station without a backwards glance.  The Technician could only stare open-mouthed in stunned silence as she disappeared through the exit.

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