Monday, June 23, 2014

Here to There Part 10

With the help of the medical staff, the wounded had been taken indoors when trouble arrived.  Corporal Straugh and Private Jacobs stood in the road and waited while the Corporate issued buggies rolled to a stop.  Heavily armed Colonial Security forces piled out of the vehicles.  Both of the soldiers groaned when the Chief of Security, their one time prisoner, joined them.

The Chief approached them, flanked by several of his men, and addressed Corporal Straugh, "I remember you.  From our first meeting." He leered at them in open contempt.  Then he motioned to his men.  They all readied their rifles to fire on the two remaining soldiers.

The Chief pulled himself into a commanding pose and spoke, "Let's try this again shall we?  You will surrender your weapons and allow us to escort you to a safe place, or I will have my men fill you both so full of blaster fire, that they'll need to I.D. the bodies from your dog tags.  And gentlemen, I expect that you will be grateful for this generous offer," He rubbed the spot where Lunk had hammered his skull with the butt of his rifle, and waited for a reply.

Straugh threw his rifle on the ground and raised his hands in the air. "Do it Jacobs, they've got us out gunned," he commanded.

Jacobs shook his head, "No way. I'm not giving up my gun.  They can come take it from my cold dead hands."

The Chief smiled, "I would like that my friend, but I will give you the chance to surrender peacefully one more time.  The chance that you did not give me.  Corporal, I suggest you talk some sense into your friend," he added with a hiss.

"Drop it Private," said Straugh.  "The Sergeant is depending on us to stay alive.  They're all depending on us.  That is an order, Private."  Straugh turned to face Jacobs and put his hand on his shoulder, "Put the gun on the ground, son."

Jacobs cursed and threw the gun in the dirt of the road.  Straugh gave his shoulder a squeeze and turned to face the Chief.  "We surrender. Our wounded are in the hospital, we want your guarantee they will continue to be cared for."

The Chief grinned, "Arrest them.  Find any in the hospital that can walk and bring them with us as well."

The Security forces were quick and efficient.  In short order their weapons had been seized, Private Waters and the rebel prisoner had been rounded up and joined Straugh and Jacobs in the Security Headquarters building.

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